Wanna watch World Cup 2010 at home but not subscribed to ESPN or no Astro? Don't frown.

Majority of the household are not subscribed to ESPN or would like to watch a few matches over the whole season. Thus, I've got a solution for you.

Just go to Astro and register to watch the matches.

Watch World Cup Online on Astro
Click on the red part and register.

As a public user, I get to watch 34 matches (any of the matches).

If you're a Maxis or Astro ESPN/World Cup subscriber, you get to watch 64 matches online.

Yup, now you're all set to stream LIVE World Cup 2010 online at your ease!

No need to squeeze with others or hang out at mamak an hour before to get a nice spot.

Thank you @marcianosan (www.lvmarciano.com) for the info! =D

Monday, June 21, 2010

Win Blogging Workshop with BuzzMedia

It has been 3 months since I registered my own hosting for kyanmay.com but I am still using web blogging with Blogger.


Because every time I try to figure out how to transfer from Blogger to Wordpress hosting, I lost it at FTP, MySQL and so on.

FTP, MySQL, SMTP...I don't know you!

You have the same problem with setup and managing your blog too? Wanna improve your blogging, get more readers or a total newbie?

Here is your chance to get professional guidance and tips from BuzzMedia (Partner with News Straits Times (NST) and P1 Broadband)

How to win? 

All you have to do to win a 2-day "Blogging Your Way to Success" workshop (worth RM400) is:

Send me a message with the theme "Clueless". It can be a picture (like me above), artwork, comic, or even video.
The sky is the limit. Anything that shouts : I'm lost and clueless with blogging! Send it to kyan_may@yahoo.com by 24th June 2010 (Thursday), 12pm.

And more...

If you missed the contest, and going to join the workshop. You still stand a chance to win the Problogger book.

Just type : KYANMAY on the coupon code on the registration form.

Details on  "Blogging Your Way to Success". 

Date 26-27 June 2010 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time 10am – 4pm
Venue NSTP Seminar Room, Jalan Riong, Bangsar (map)
Fees RM400 per person

Note: You must bring your own laptop. Registration fees include handouts, materials, internet access and refreshments

For more information, I will leave it to BlogJunkie, the trainer to explain to you. Click here.

See you there! We learn to use blogs together-gether, OK?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Al Jazeera KLCC

It’s an immutable truth that where Al Jazeera focuses on, controversy follows. The news channel by the Emir of Qatar (Emir = title of Muslim ruler) broke onto the international scene with Al Jazeera English 5 years ago. 

Initially, this news network started in 1996 was intended to dissent views via call-in shows and create controversies in the Arab states. 
Today, Al Jazeera started in Doha, Qatar and has expanded its reach with 3 other main offices in Washington, London, and Malaysia. 

All the 4 officers location symbolizes a diamond shape on the map. Of course, there are many other smaller bureaus located all over the world to obtain news first hand.
One day, my Computer Assisted Investigative Research lecturer, Miss Anita decided to bring us to tour around the 60th floor of KLCC, which is the Al Jazeera KL office.

Often something will turn up in front of us that isn’t exactly what we expected. Arriving at the entrance of Al Jazeera after a few wrong elevator attempts; the only word that uttered out of my mouth was…simple! 

Over discussions of the working environment here, Mr.Jayaganesh Sabapathy, Head of Technical Operations explains it could be quite hectic at the editing rooms. 

Just like any other newsroom, TIK TOK TIK TOK, time is ticking and every second counts.  
And one of their common jokes to keep them sane is nationality friendly tease. They call each other according to their nationality. 

Just in time, they were broadcasting APEC 2009 news. Then it struck me, ‘If I jump into the set now, I’ll be famous!’ On the second thought, I asked Mr Jaya, ‘How many seconds delay to live?’ He answered with a smile, ‘8 seconds.’ 
There, within 8 seconds I could be cuffed up and send off to Guantanamo Bay. So, I lose that thought. 

It doesn’t just happen, a lot of hard work required. Filtering stories, setting up camp base where the event happens. Sending reporters and compiling details. Editing quickly and broadcast it. Gosh, just for a minute or two news. 
In the end, the trip turned out to be more than just a tour; it was a lifetime experience. The next time I return, I’ll be either working there or as a guest to be interviewed. 

*fingers crossed*

Wanna see more pictures of the Al Jazeera KLCC office? Go to my FB album : http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=156223&id=622746226&l=117c7f2188

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Time for a Quickie with 8TV

OK, listen up. I don't have all day here, so I am gonna make this fast!

Summarizing the 9 weeks at the 8TV Quickie have been hectic, but amazing. And yes, it is a casual working environment whereby everyone has a say in everything, despite the hierarchy. 

Although I have to be honest; while I was ready for a challenge, I did not realize just how much work goes into cating a 15 minutes variety show and how many exciting events randomly materialize. 

For example, you never know when you are going to be whisked away to a adventurous location (I went to Skytrex for a shoot!). Awesome experience where the park was exclusively open for us =D, no waiting, no line!
You also never know when you are going to have to hit the One Utama shopping mall, approach strangers and try to delve inside their minds. Now, I am confident to be able to approach anyone, and asking them anything, without even blushing the slightest bit.

To help my learning experience, Kumar, the Editor, Arnold, the Assistant Producer and Khairul, the Producer, have been extremely patient with my never-ending questions. 

Of course, Saasha has been a great emotional support. Not forgetting, Amin who introduced me to Final Cut Pro, Helmi who we climbed mountains and flew on air together. Asman whois always helpful with my requestsss. 

Izza who scan through hundreds of resume and found mine to fit into the Quickie team. Pet has been a good role model being the only girl left in the team since Shaz moved to Showdown. And, Shaz, my first encounter and teacher in handling camera and I still remember my role as an ASD (Assistant Studio Director)! 

I have loved the experience and it is a perfect learning platform for anyone who wants to venture into production line.

The 8TV Quickie is a 15-minute variety show that airs every night at 11.30pm, except for Sundays at 12.00 midnight, on 8TV. Currently Prem, Julie Woon, Zher, Megan and Naqib are the hosts. 

Typically the 15 minute show is divide into 2 segments with 3 minutes commercial in between. Each segment will take one lucky caller and in order to win the prizes, the caller will have to answer one simple question or fulfill the host’s request in relation to the content of the show. 

The prizes vary everyday but usually movie passes and music album is given on everyday basis. CHOP! CHOP! What are you waiting for? Get your phones ready and call when the show starts.

Monday, May 24, 2010

'Cause They're Worth It

I miss you all so much!
Although I watched it a million times when editing but my eyes still get teary every time I watch it. *sob sob*

Phui Yee: Our future/ youthfulness lies in your hands =P Work + study hard ya!

Fei: I'll come soon =D

Weng Chiew: Come baaaaccck more often!

Mandy: I MISS YOU!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Here's the PLAN 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The start of a new year always fills me with nervous energy. A few questions I asked myself on a yearly basis:
What have I achieved in a year? What will the next 12 months bring? Am I making the most of my life and the experiences that come my way?

My life instructions
I abide to these few rules

So, my 2009 New Year was kind of realistic which consist of 3 goals. They were: learn Chinese, start simple exercise and live healthily.

I started learning Chinese characters. I can’t read the Chinese newspaper yet but I could definitely sing out loud my favourite Cantonese songs (mostly by Sammi Cheng).

kyanmay favourite singerAnyone wanna sponsor me to Sammi's concert? =P
The exercise routine was religious but it lasted only 6 months. I do go for a fast walk on the treadmill twice a week and alternately I go for Yoga classes. There was a crazy 3 months when I actually went to yoga or Pilates EVERY day.

I manage to keep a routine life without late night sleep by forgoing clubbing. It really does help reduce my eye bag. Occasionally I do visit the dance floor just to have some fun.

kyanmay partyThose were the days...goodbye party!

Well, this year I figured entering the New Year with a list of what I need to change is a real downer. Instead, I’m the stock of what I love and upgrade them (or actually pursue them).

I always love my friends, so I am going to keep in touch with friends not living in front of my face. So, do expect to see “Hi, just thought of you” in your inbox (hopefully soon – my lost phonebook is real turndown).

Other than that, I will learn to swim, cycle and pick up a dance. However, I do enjoy people’s reaction when they find out I can’t swim or cycle after living for 25 years. Be prepared with a lot of self-development.

kyanmay running into the sea
I wanna learn "how to swim"

kyanmay on tandem
I need a tandem because I can't cycle.

The plan is to be busy...busy...busy~!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Getaway - Skytrex Adventure

Weekend 1: Wag your dog
Weekend 2: Clean your closet,
Weekend 3: Get a jump on your reading list
Weekend 4: What else to do?

I’ve an idea, I’ll show you the ropes challenge.

Located at the serene Botanical Garden in Shah Alam, Julien, the French monkey *ehem* Park Ranger, build this high rope course together with a few helping hands.

Monkey see, monkey do, (and swing along the trees). There are 5 monkeys (including me) and 1 videographer in the clip.

On average, the Big Thrill will take about 1 hour to complete but often the whole activity will take about 3 hours because people get jammed in the midst of completing the task.

For example, Mini Tarzan swing causes blockage because it requires more strength and the correct skill to move to the next canopy. Most of the time you’ll find yourself admiring the green forest while waiting for the task.

Book the earliest schedule to avoid dreadful waiting time.

There are lockers and recycle gloves provided. So, make sure you wear sports shoes and proper trekking attire. If you prefer new gloves, it is available for sale at RM5. You can also rent bottle strap to carry your drink while trekking up high in the sky. 


All other gears are provided (harness, pulley, karabiner) and strictly no outside gears are allowed.

Before proceeding to the Big Thrill or Extreme Challenge, all Skytrekers has to go through simple elaborated training at 3-4 meters high on how to use ropes course gears.

No worries, even I did it twice. It shouldn’t be a problem for anyone else except those who are physically challenged or medically unfit. 


What? Skytrex Adventure – Monkey see, monkey do, (and swing along the trees). A rope course in the sky makes you swing along the tree and lots of flying fox.

Where? Botanical Garden, Shah Alam
When? You’re ready to get out of the shopping mall. Open only on weekends (booking required). Available on weekdays if you have minimum 25 pax.

How much?
  • Kid’s Challenge RM 30,
  • Big Thrill (Adults/ Beginner) RM 40,
  • Extreme Challenger (More sweat + pumping adrenaline) RM 45
Why? Book a trip of 10 pax for 10 percent off.

What are you waiting for? For more information, log on to Skytrex Adventure website

Others who enjoyed it too,

Saturday, February 13, 2010

All the single gentlemen...

Recently, while out to have drinks with my friend, Violet. I turned away all the “Happy Valentine’s” dinner set menu laid on the table. 

“Think I am spending it alone as all my close friends are coupled up,” I explained. 

I expected her to nod, sympathetically and shunt those lovely cupids to the furthest corner of our table. Instead? She proposed to hook me up.

Violet, the founder of Lunch Actually, the largest dating agency in Asia offered all single men out there in KL to have a date with me! 

Right then, in that moment, with the scent of roses in the air, my dear friend has solved my holiday’s plan. 



 KyanMay Lunch Actually Dream Date

Come to think of it, meeting new friends with a stringent consultation by the dating experts is great after all! 

For more information, log on to www.dreamdate.my